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Let your building tell you how it feels, where it hurts and how to fix it!


With powerful diagnostic tools, iSynapse  “drills down” into every system in your building to measure its performance and whether it complies with design limits – if not, it drills down further to find the root cause of the problem.

It also identifies elements of system operation that could be adjusted to improve operation and efficiency.

These diagnostic investigations can be set to occur automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and to report selected findings to various recipients by email, with full supporting documentation to demonstrate where the fault or opportunity exists, with recommendations on how to fix it.

Customised reports can be easily added by the user with drag & drop convenience to examine any aspect of systems operation over any time range with tabular data display or a wide range of chart types.

All reports can be assembled into report sets which can be distributed to selected recipients on a user-defined schedule.


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