CoilPac is available in several versions with increasing functionality to suit different types of user.

Version 2 is intended for design engineers and casual users, who wish to determine coil performance and/or configurations to suit an application

Version 3 is intended for coil manufacturers and/or more advanced users and includes all of the features of Version 2 plus:

  • Header sizing and pressure losses
  • Coil weight and charge calculations
  • Coil pricing (only applicable if the coil manufacturer utilises this module for pricing)
  • Output to MS Excel

Version 4 is a minor enhancement of Version 3 which adds the following functions:

  • One and two row “booster” heating coils with one or two circuits but no headers
  • Facility for “dropped” tubes in booster coils to better match heating loads
  • Input from MS Excel - valuable for large projects





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